Northwest ADHD Treatment Center

We specialize in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Mood, and Anxiety Disorders

Skills to Achieve
Support to Thrive

Wondering if you could have ADHD?

It’s more than just poor attention.

Disorganization, Distractedness,
Restlessness or hyperactivity,
Difficulty controlling emotions,
Poor prioritization or indecisiveness

These are just some of the symptoms adults or children may experience. Only a thorough evaluation can help you know if it is ADHD or another condition.

Two Convenient Locations

East Portland Office

Main Phone: 503-255-2343

Nurse Line: 503-255-2343 ext. 9

Fax: 503-255-2344

Address: 10011 SE Division St.
Suite 203
Portland, OR 97266

Tualatin Office

Main Phone: 503-427-2394

Nurse Line: 503-427-2394 ext. 9

Fax: 503-454-0763

Suite 208