We provide comprehensive assessment
and treatment options for you and your family.

Our clinicians are experienced treating ADHD, relationship issues, mood, & anxiety disorders.

New Patient ADHD Assessment and Evaluation

At Northwest ADHD Treatment Center, we prioritize providing an accurate diagnosis. For this reason, our intake process can be more in depth than experiences at other mental health clinics. New patients can expect to attend multiple visits to complete the diagnostic process. These visits will include evaluation of current and past symptoms, gathering information regarding conditions from outside resources, and completion and review of assessment forms. If testing is necessary your provider will indicate. Not all evaluations include psychological testing. As part of the evaluation process, individuals will be screened for substance abuse concerns, which may include drug testing.

New Patient Pediatric Psychiatric Assessment and Management

We provide psychiatric assessment and management for children ages 5-12 directly with one of our skilled Nurse Practitioners. Your child may already have been assessed for ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, or another mental health issue. Ideally your child already has an established relationship with a therapist in the community or another health care professional supporting their emotional needs.

Established Patient Vitals Check

Appointments are available for patients who need vitals for upcoming telemedicine intakes with a Nurse Practitioner. Vitals Clinic Hours: West Portland: Tues 12-2, East Portland: Thurs 3-5, Downtown: Mon – Fri 9am-11am and 1pm- 5 pm

Established Patient Individual Psychotherapy

After an assessment and evaluation your provider may refer you for continued treatment at Northwest ADHD. Individual therapy will help facilitate new skills, develop strategies to manage symptoms, and further understand how your symptoms impact you and your family.

New and Established Patient Medication Management

After completing your psychological assessment, you may be referred for a 60 to 90 minute comprehensive psychiatric and medical evaluation with a nurse practitioner. During this initial visit additional medical records will be reviewed from your primary care provider, labs and diagnostic tests may be ordered, and if necessary a second follow-up appointment may be scheduled for treatment planning. You may collaborate with our nurse practitioner to plan your or your child’s treatment. This may include lifestyle modifications, diet/exercise, supplements, or medications. In certain circumstances patients can access medication management services without a psychological assessment through NW ADHD.

Established Patient Couples Therapy

We work with couples who want to restore connection and learn new ways to handle challenges they navigate in their relationship and life together. When one or both partners have ADHD or are parenting a child with ADHD, it’s helpful to understand how specific challenges can contribute to cycles of disconnection.

Group Therapy

Participants share with each other particular challenges that come up when living with ADHD. Participants share support and skills with one another, based on what group members bring to the group to talk about. For established patients. Some groups are open to the community. Click here to refer your patient.

Psychological Testing

There is no one single test for ADHD. On occasion, our ADHD evaluation process may need to be supplemented with brief psychological testing to aid in ADHD diagnosis. This is usually no more than 1 hour of test administration in addition to the standard ADHD evaluation process. For established patients more robust testing may be necessary for diagnostic clarification and may be available at NW ADHD Treatment Center. Insurance coverage will be considered. We do not offer neuropsychological testing or testing for autism.

Primary Care Consultations

We welcome collaboration with medical providers in the community. If you have a clinical question regarding diagnosis or treatment of ADHD, please feel free to give us a call. We provide this as a courtesy service to help educate our community partners.

Community Groups

We provide these groups for any member of the general public who believes the group topic would benefit them. Ideal participants are individuals who want to learn self improvement skills, or who desire skills to help them help someone with ADHD or inattention characteristics. These groups are meant for individuals who are not seeking treatment for a mental health or medical condition from group participation.

Coaching Services

Coaching services are open to anyone who believes that they could benefit from further self improvement. Skills coaching is geared to provide support for those without a diagnosis, seeking to improve their organization, time management, scheduling, or task prioritization skills. Individual coaching rates are $240 per 45 minute session. It is important to note that skills coaching does not aim to diagnose or treat a medical or mental health condition, and as such, coaching services are often not covered by insurance.  Our skills coach,  Dr. Teuscher,  aims to provide education, training, and skills to individuals who wish to better themselves.   To complete the coaching interest form, click the button below:

We are an outpatient mental health clinic.  If you believe you need frequent treatment, require case management, or need to be seen urgently, you would likely benefit from pursuing treatment from a higher level of care than Northwest ADHD Treatment Center can offer.   
Compared to other community resources, we are not equipped to provide care for the following conditions and circumstances: recent psychiatric hospitalization, acute suicide/ homicide/self harm concerns, psychosis, eating disorders, personality disorders including borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, substance abuse disorders, sex offenders, individuals requiring ongoing treatment for autism spectrum related disorders. We do not offer neuropsychological testing or testing for autism.