We provide comprehensive assessment
and treatment options for you and your family.

Our clinicians are experienced treating ADHD, relationship issues, mood, & anxiety disorders.

ADHD Assessment

Our primary goal is to assess the presence of symptoms to help shape treatment and educate families. Your initial assessment will include a one-hour interview with a clinical psychologist to determine how symptoms are presently interfering with important areas of your life. At the conclusion of this, a treatment plan will be created that may include psychological testing, psychotherapy, skill building, and/or a referral for medication management.

Individual & Group Psychotherapy

Individual and/or group therapy will help facilitate new skills, develop strategies to manage symptoms, and further understand how your symptoms impact you and your family.

Psychological Testing

Assessment includes a two-to-three hour evaluation focused on measuring critical thinking skills, memory, learning, and understanding symptoms in multiple environments (i.e., school and home). After completing the assessment you will be supplied with a professional report that you can share with your school, primary care physician, and our staff to provide treatment at Northwest ADHD Treatment Center.

Medication Management

After completing your psychological assessment, you will be referred for a 60 to 90 minute comprehensive psychiatric and medical evaluation with a nurse practitioner. During this initial visit additional medical records will be reviewed from your primary care provider, labs and diagnostic tests may be ordered, and if necessary a second follow-up appointment will be scheduled for treatment planning. You will collaborate with our nurse practitioner to plan your or your child’s treatment. This may include lifestyle modifications, diet/exercise, supplements, or medications.

Primary Care Consultations

We welcome collaboration with medical providers in the community. If you have a clinical question regarding diagnosis or treatment of ADHD, please feel free to give us a call. We provide this as a courtesy service to help educate our community partners.