Community Groups

Community groups at Northwest ADHD Treatment Center are open to the general public. These groups are supportive and informative in nature, and do not aim to provide treatment for a psychological or medical condition. These groups are intended to help any interested individuals gain skills, support, or strategies to improve their life and their interactions with loved ones. Anyone who has an interest in attending the groups can fill out the form below.

As Community Groups are open to everyone, no medical or mental health diagnosis is required to participate. Community Groups are not treatment groups, and are not covered by insurance.

Payment is required prior to attending each individual group session. For this reason, Northwest ADHD Treatment Center requires maintaining a credit card on file if you wish to participate. 

Attendance, Cancellations, and No Shows: Once you are enrolled in a community group, you are expected to attend each group meeting. If you cannot attend a group meeting, you must inform the group facilitator at least 48 hours before the group. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the group, or if you do not attend the group without notifying the facilitator, your card on file may be charged the full amount for the group appointment. 


Cost per Group Session: $34.95

Unfortunately we no longer offer group package rates going forward.

To view our Community Groups Consent Form, click here: Community Groups Participant Consent


Group Descriptions:

Mindfulness for Short Attention Spans

Start Date: Will begin once enough participants have enrolled.

Fridays, 12:00PM to 1:00PM

Open Enrollment – You can join this group at any time!

Format: Virtual – requires you to be able to run virtual meeting software

Facilitator: Heather Tollander, Psy.D.

This group is perfect for anyone who has tried mindfulness meditation in the past and found it challenging due to difficulties with attention and focus. Mindfulness is a form of meditation emphasizing maintaining a present focus and non-judgmental acceptance of experience, including non-judgment of yourself! Research has identified that developing a regular mindfulness practice can assist with stress and emotion management. Mindfulness practice also involves ‘awareness of one’s own attention’ or ‘paying attention to your attention.’ By developing this skill, participants may learn to more effectively notice and redirect their attention toward priorities, in a more accepting and nonjudgmental manner! 

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Or call our office to enroll! (503) 255-2343 or (503) 427-2394