Group Therapy

Group Offerings (All Telemedicine)

Anger, a 6-week Virtual Series (Rebecca Kinman)

Starts Monday, June 26, 2023 at 5:00 PM

  • 6-week commitment required
  • Audience: Adults ages 21+ of All Genders, Interested in addressing own anger
  • Schedule: Mondays 5:00-6:00 PM For 6 weeks
  • Type: Commitment to at least one 6-week cycle
  • Insurance: OHP and cash pay only ($50/session)

Based on the book: The Surprising Purpose of Anger, Beyond Anger Management: Finding the Gift By Marshall B. Rosenberg · 2005, Purchase recommended (6.00 on Amazon)

  • 1-2 Chapters Per week
  • Learn the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Model
  • Steps for Addressing Anger
  • Misconceptions about anger
  • Identifying triggers vs. causes of anger
  • Identifying needs of oneself and of others
  • Breakout rooms for practicing the NVC strategies with each other

All About Boundaries

A Virtual 6-Week Series Group

Based on the” Set Boundaries Workbook” by Nedra Tawwab, MSW, LCSW

Starts Monday, June 26, 2023 at 11:00 am.

About the group:

  • Audience: Adults 21+

  • Schedule: Mondays 11:00 am-12:00 PM

  • Type: Commitment to at least one 6-week cycle

  • Insurance: OHP and cash pay only ($50/session)

  • Topics/activities:

  • 2 chapters from the workbook per week.

  • Defining personal boundaries and needs that motivate them

  • Communicating boundaries

  • Identifying when boundaries are unhealthy and how to work on them

  • Boundaries with self, partners, family, work, children, etc.

  • Practical exercises to try at home

  • Breakout rooms for processing more personal topics.

  • More!

  • Purchase of workbook strongly recommended ($13.00 on Amazon)

*This is a BIPOC and LGBTQIIA+ -affirming space*


Adult ADHD Diagnosis Ages 21+ (Rebecca Kinman) 

  • ParticipantsAdults 21+ w/ first ADHD Diagnosis in adulthood, All genders/identities welcome
  • Insurance: OHP or cash pay 
  • Schedule: Mondays 10-11am 
  • Type: 6 week commitment, new participants can join every 6 weeks
  • Topics: (flexible per pt interest)
    • Grief/loss 
    • Adjustment to 
    • Relationships 
    • Accommodations at work/home
    • Integration of childhood experiences
    • ADHD skills
    • Emotion Regulation
    • Psychoeducation about ADHD
    • Co-occurring disorders
    • Parenting
  • Ongoing Format: 
    • Rules/Expectations
    • Check-in/Ice Breaker
    • Topic of the day
    • Breakout Rooms
    • Discussion/Share with main group
    • Closing Activity

Structured ADHD Coping Skills (Daniel Mochofsky)

  • Who: adults
  • When: Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30pm (started on 4/11), Next round Wednesdays at 11am starting 5/17
  • Facilitator: Daniel Moshofsky and Jeff Whitiker 
  • Insurance: all 
  • Content: 
    • Session 1 – Acceptance and Awareness 
    • Session 2 – Setting Yourself Up For Success (Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Etc.)
    • Session 3 – Mood and Motivation
    • Session 4 – Prioritizing and To-Do Lists
    • Session 5 – Time Management: Making Tasks Manageable
    • Session 6 – Time Management: TIme Awareness and Scheduling
    • Session 7 – Project Planning and Follow Through
    • Session 8 – Home/Work Organization and Patient Specific Questions

Academics for the Neurodivergent Brain: A Virtual Study-Skills Support Group

  • All adults 18+ Enrolled (or thinking about enrolling in) college, trade school, or other class/program. Identifies as neurodivergent.*
  • Mondays from 5-6 PM
  • OHP/Private pay only ($50/session)
  • Type: Ongoing. 6-week commitment required. New participants are added every 6 weeks.
  • Topics: Based on participant interest. E.g. Peer-provided tips and skills on studying, writing papers, time management, prioritizing, etc. accountability, etc.

Structure of session:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Check-in
  3. Discussion
  4. Break-out rooms/Accountability/ ’Body-Doubling”

*neurodivergent is a non-medical umbrella term that describes people with variation in their mental functions, and can include conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other neurological or developmental conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Wednesday Wind Down–Collective Healing for Frayed and Frozen Nervous Systems 

    • Audience: adults
    • Schedule: Wednesdays 2-2:45pm
    • Type: drop in 
    • Insurance: All insurances accepted
    • Referral: send a to-do to Heather
    • Topics/about the group: 
      • Help calm your nervous system in the presence of others. We learn from each other. We follow the supportive structure of a trauma informed body scan, group check in, and discussion of techniques to calm your nervous system.
    • Group Guidelines: No discussion of specific trauma content, self harm, suicidal ideation, or eating disordered behavior in group

ADHD Strategies and Skills

  • Participants: adults 
  • Schedule: Mondays at 1pm
  • Type: Open/come as needed 
  • Referral Process: send a To-Do to Krispin 
  • Content: In the ADHD Skills Group, people share particular challenges that come up when living with ADHD. Participants share support and skills with one another, based on what group members bring to the group to talk about (how to manage deadlines, organization tips, being in a relationship impacted by ADHD, how to engage in self-care when self-care requires executive functioning). 

Women and ADHD Process and Support Group 

  • ParticipantsAdult Women* (*inclusive of all interested persons)
  • Schedule: Wednesdays 12-1pm
  • Type: closed to 6-8 individuals
  • Referral process: Send ToDo to Lindsay with names of interested pt
  • Topics: (flexible per pt interest)
    • Relationships/Communication
    • Role of Emotional Labor & Time Mgmt
    • Emotion Dysregulation 
    • Relaxation & Self-care
    • Setting Boundaries
    • Parenting?
    • Stigma and shame
  • Ongoing Format: 
    • Rules/Check-in/ Accountability
    • Discussion/Support
    • Share Success/Coping Skill/Resource
    • Goal for the week 

Learning About Autism & Autistic Traits 

  • Audience: Adults who identify with traits of Autism Spectrum Disorders 
  • Schedule: Mondays 2pm, and Tuesdays 11am 
  • Type: open group
  • Referral: email or send a to-do
  • Topics:
    • learn more about ADHD, how it impacts relationships and skills to help them work together as a team to address how ADHD impacts their relationship. 
    • Creating consistent structure/plans together
    • Understanding ADHD symptoms
    • Improving communication between partners
    • Sensory Differences
    • Special Interests
    • Interpersonal Challenges
    • Need for sameness/consistency
    • Integrity, perfectionism & all/nothing thinking
    • Stimming
    • Autistic meltdowns
    • Autistic Burnout
    • Persistent Demand Avoidance
    • Double Empathy
    • Masking
    • Accomodations/Advocacy

ADHD Home Management 

      • Audience: adults
      • Schedule: Wednesdays, starting May 4, 2022, 3-4PM
      • Type: 10 participants max
      • Insurance: All insurances accepted
      • Topics: aim to help with home organization, decluttering, working on and finishing home projects

 DBT Skills Group 90 minutes. 

  • Who:  Ages 18+, w/desire to reduce impulsivity and increase emotional awareness.
  • Facilitator: Andrew Knowles
  • Schedule: Thursdays 10-11:30
          • Type: Drop-in
          • Insurances accepted: OHP/Health Share and private pay @$50/session.
          • Topics/Activities:
            • Psychoeducation on DBT skills and emotion regulation
            • Mindfulness of emotions: activities specific to our emotional experiences to gain more awareness and acceptance of emotions and the purpose they serve.
            • Small homework activities that apply the above skills in the every day life.
            • Processing with the group everyday experiences and how we can apply the skills.
            • Small break-out rooms to process individually as above.
            • Ending with a supportive engagement activity to invoke group culture and cohesiveness and to renew participants after work done in group before leaving.