Policies, FAQs, & Forms

Policies, FAQs, & Forms


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time as there may be forms to complete. If you are late, there may not be enough time to be seen and you will be charged a late cancellation fee.

If you cannot make it to your appointment, we require 48 hour advance notice for cancellation. Appointments not cancelled with at least 48 hours notice will be charged a $75 late cancellation fee. This fee is not covered by your insurance and must be paid before further appointments will be scheduled. This also applies to no-shows. Exceptions are illness or other special circumstances.

If you have multiple late cancellations or no-shows your care may be terminated.


Many medications prescribed for ADHD are controlled substances. As such, your prescription will be written at the time of your appointment. Refills are generally not written outside of appointment times. Please ensure that you come to appointments as agreed upon with your provider and sufficient quantities of medication will be provided to last between appointments.

Please make an appointment for follow up at least one week before you will run out of medication.

For non-controlled medications, such as antidepressants, you can call your pharmacy directly and they will submit an electronic request for refills. Please allow one week for refills.

Treatment Philosophy

We believe clients do best when they receive holistic care. This means we require, in most circumstances, clients be actively engaged in therapy while receiving medication management. There are some instances where therapy is no-longer needed, and exceptions to this policy are made.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by being a “paperless office.”
We will try to eliminate paper forms and handouts whenever possible by providing electronic means of communication. If you need a paper copy of any of our forms or handouts please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need to fill out a new patient form to schedule an appointment?

Yes. Filling out this form is the best way for us to meet your needs quickly. Thank you!

2) Will my insurance cover services? Is my insurance in-network?

Insurances we accept include the following: Aetna, BCBS/HMA/Bridgespan Health, Beacon Health, Coventry, Cigna, DMAP (Open Card), First Choice Health/Kaiser Added Choice/EBMS, Healthshare, MHN/HealthNet, MODA, Tuality Health & Associate’s Plan (MODA), PacificSource/RELIANT, Providence Pref. PPO, and Optum: United (UBH), United Medical Resources (UMR), Providence (PBH). 

As a courtesy we will verify your mental health benefits as part of the new patient process. Remember, the best person to determine coverage is yourself as the insurance customer.

3) How long does the new patient process take?

Northwest ADHD Treatment Center receives hundreds of requests a month for new patient appointments. We are working hard to respond to all potential patients and get help to as many patients as we can. In 2019 we added a third location in the Portland metro area. As of January 2020, from the beginning of the intake process until your first appointment our current wait time is approximately 3 weeks. 

4) Can I schedule an appt for my child/spouse/family member/friend who is 18yr or older?

No, unless you are their legal guardian.

5) I have received services here before, do I need to go back through the new patient process again?

In most cases, yes, if it has been longer than 6 months since you have seen your behavioral health provider here.

6) I have a referral from my Dr./Therapist to be seen here, do I need to go through the new patient process?

Yes, please fill out the new patient form. It is helpful to mention your referral.

7) I have already been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, do I have to be evaluated again?

Information about your previous diagnosis will be reviewed at the intake appointment by our clinicians and we’ll then determine if a full evaluation is necessary.

8) Can I schedule an appt with a Nurse Practitioner? I am not interested in therapy Services.

It’s our process that a thorough evaluation will be conducted before a referral to a Nurse Practitioner is made. Scientific evidence demonstrates that the combination of therapy and medication will result in the best outcome. Part of the evaluation will include recommendations regarding your individual need for therapy. In some cases a direct referral to a Nurse Practitioner may be appropriate.

9) Do you provide addictions/substance abuse recovery services?

No. All patients are screened for substance use concerns and will be referred to an agency of their choice if they meet criteria for a substance use disorder.

10) I have feedback about my care and I made a review online. Why wasn’t a response posted?

Your private health information is protected under law and we will not respond to reviews, positive or constructive, in order to protect your privacy.  If you have feedback please contact your current office.